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Atlanta Real Estate Attorney

As an Atlanta Real Estate Attorney, I am contacted to handle all sorts of legal issues related to property ownership and tenancy.   Whatever your real estate problems may be, I’ve probably dealt with it before.

From drafting and negotiating contracts, resolving landlord/tenant disputes, loan closings, title search and defect repair services, handling short sales and foreclosures, I can supply the legal advice you need to get you into the next phase.

A real estate investment is probably one of the biggest decisions most people make in their lives, second only to who they marry!  Of course, if you make a mistake with either, you stand to lose a fortune!  This is NOT one of those times to rely on a friend for free advice.

If you have any questions or concerns about a real estate transaction you are contemplating, please hire an Atlanta real estate attorney to help you sort through the details and avoid making any catastrophic mistakes.

Besides being an Atlanta real estate attorney, I also practice in areas that often overlap with property law.  For example, I practice in the areas of probate and estate planning.  How you hold title to a piece of property is often determined by your estate planning objectives.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been employed to sell a piece of property just to find out that the title is still in the name of someone who died 10 years ago and whose estate was never probated!  Well, nothing happens until you probate that estate and clear up the title.

It helps to have the assistance of an Atlanta real estate attorney who is comfortable working in several areas of the law.  When you purchase property, for example, you may elect to own the property jointly with a spouse or not, depending on what is best for the overall needs of the family estate.  Sometimes attorneys who only practice in the area of real estate do not know how to advise you in the area of estate planning.

Generally speaking, I am an attorney who likes to resolve issues with as little hassle as possible.

I find no satisfaction in spending YOUR money to “beat”

another lawyer in a legal game of chess.

Unfortunately, some lawyers do.  Whenever I take on a case, real estate related or not, I seek the path of least resistance without compromising YOUR needs.  If a matter can be resolved without spending much money on legal fees, then that is what I do.  If that path proves ineffectual, only then do I suggest heating things up and utilizing every legal tool available to get what you deserve.

You would be amazed how often I can get what you want and avoid spending a lot of your money on legal fees with my approach.  Too many lawyers, in my opinion, rush to the path of MOST resistance, litigation, without exhausting other less drastic methods of resolution.

Whatever your case may entail, I hope you call me, an Atlanta real estate attorney, to help you resolve the property issues you are facing.

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